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The child is both a hope &
a promise for mankind.

What Is Montessori Learning?

The Montessori learning method is similar to traditional education in that kids will learn the same curriculum as their peers. However, the process is what’s different. Montessori learning emphasizes personal development and choice, not forcing every child to meet the same standard in the same timeframe. Your child is unique, so their learning process should be too.

Our only goals are to develop a positive attitude toward learning and school, create high self-esteem, and build important developmental skills at the right pace for each child. From story time to activity time to recess to naps, everything we do is for our students’ best interests.

  “ Within the child lies the fate of the   future “

Maria Montessori


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Montessori Preschool Near Playa Vista, CA

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You should never take your children’s education lightly. Help them get off on the right foot by bringing them to Montessori Preschool. We take children’s learning and growth extremely seriously while helping them have a lot of fun as well. With a wide range of activates and games that help children learn things like math and language, plus activities for sensory development, music, and art, we know your children will love it here.

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